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Print Design, Digital Printing, Publishing, Bristol and Bath, UK.

Some of our customers prefer to design their own work using programs they are familiar with. If you do decide to 'go it alone', please consult us first as we will be pleased to give you helpful advice free of charge. This may also prevent you from wasting hours of time if the format is not compatible to the printing process. We can accept artwork prepared in a variety of programs or in PDF format.

Alternatively take advantage of eazydesigner to create your own free designs by clicking on the link below.

Large file transfer – We are happy to give you access information to enable you to slide large files onto our FTP site (File Transfer Protocol).

You may wish us to design logos, layouts, or edit photographs and other images, by cropping, airbrushing, repairing/enhancing, sizing etc.

We use a hi-tech spectrometer which reads colours back to computer for perfectly matched calibration.

We are happy to create a completely new image for a stationery set or re-create an existing layout that you may currently like.

We have sophisticated imposition software which ‘tiles up’ multiple images (from a PDF file). This allows us to print many copies in one print pass, thus minimising the cost to our customers.

Why not let us produce a book from your text and pictures supplied?

Local / Family History

Hobbies and Interests



Short Story


or even a personalised story for your children or grand children!

Schools - We design formats for Reading Records, Homework Diaries, Personalised Memories and Autograph Books, Prospectuses, Special Event Programmes etc. We are happy to send you samples free of charge. See PRODUCTS/SCHOOLS

Geni Printing will make a nominal charge for all design work, but costs will be disclosed before commencement of work. The first proof is free of charge.